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 Paxseko's Biography

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PostSubject: Paxseko's Biography   Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:26 am

Name of character: Paxseko
Age: 64 (21 in human years)
Class/occupation: Elf Female Diplomat
Specialties: Melee/Mage
Family: None.
Associates, or friends: Paxseko will put her hand out to almost anyone who seems to need her aid. Unfortunately, more often than not, she is pulled down, or smacked away.

Ways to kill: Paxseko is as mortal an elf as you will meet, but a blessed aura seems to surround her and protect her from the bad decisions of others.

Love life: NONE Paxseko has taken a vow of chastity and does nay enjoy seeing others as objects for her usage, perusal, and eventual disposal.

Short Biography of my Character:
Paxseko was born to parents that form a small faction of Connous Elves that strive for peace amongst the Giants, Elves, Humans, Fomors, and Milletians. Her very name marks her with the hopes of her parents and their political allies: “Peace Seeker and Leader.” Paxseko was burdened from an early age with preparation for her role as negotiator between the races, receiving extensive amounts of political and cultural training within the bounds of Filia.

Paxseko secretly eloped with an elf as a very young lady while still in Filia. He was her mentor and had seen the ways of the world, and he knew to use all the right words and gestures to snare young and ever-naive Paxseko. Their marriage and honeymoon was one of the most beautiful occurrences between two people that could occur, but 'twas all a show on the part of her mentor. At the end of the day, as they were huddled around the campfire, her mentor and friend tried to consummate the marriage. Slowly, Paxseko realized just exactly what he thought their marriage would entail-- nay just a deep connection between two souls, but a deep connection between two bodies, as well. Nay love, but lust and want for her as an object, nay a person with a history and a future. She successfully fought off his advances, and as it dawned on her mentor that Paxseko would nay want this type of relationship, her mentor disappeared from Filia, nay to be seen again. Luckily for Paxseko, no one ever suspected the marriage, and thus she was able to carry on, unscathed, but a little wiser.

'Twas nay until she was a young adult that she was made, against her will, to cross through the forbidden Mana Tunnel to Qilia, where she was quickly whisked by boat and cart to the city of Dunbarton for further training at the “human” schools of magic.

Paxseko was lured away from her study of magic by her fascination with a regiment of close-knitted human knight-errants that she saw practicing outside the window as she studied her magics. Though naturally introverted, Paxseko made ways to meet with them after her classes, and, using all of her training and charm, was able to work her way into the hearts of those close-knit knights. They quickly recruited her, their first Elf contact, into their regiment, and with her followed many powerful Elves and Milletian Elves alike. Direly honest, Paxseko wrote home to her benefactors informing them of her decision to continue her study “afield,” much to their horrour. She explained that understanding the impulsive nature of humans required her to be outside of the disciplined classroom.

Her natural charisma and leadership skills made her defacto leader of the knights, as odd choice, perchance, for a group of battle-scarred warriors. With anger and reluctance, her best friend, the leader of the knights, turned over his leadership to her and disappeared, leaving a young and uncertain Elf to wield extravagant power in ways that were nay in her training. He then disappeared, nay to be seen again, leaving Paxseko mourning over yet another mentor and friend's absence while trying to become the Guinevere to a group of Lancelots.

Precisely because of the mission her benefactors intended for her, Paxseko is very formal around Giants and treats them with great kindness. She is known to hide around the edges of Vales, simply watching the Giants go about their daily lives. While most of the Filia Elves that did nay accompany her into battle have given up on her, shunning or ignoring her when she visits home, Paxseko still hopes to honour her duty to her parents and benefactors “in her own way.” Her ways involve a great deal of understanding, charm, openness, willing to help, the training to mend and heal wounds, her progressively “unconventional” usage of Lightning and Thunder magics, and her willingness to solemnly bear a warhammer when negotiations fail.

Paxseko greatly dislikes the influence of the memory tower, because she finds her thoughts perverted to “the old ways” by its influence. However, she is often frazzled and distracted-seeming due to coping with the details of daily living, especially when attempting to maintain contacts with the humans and Milletians she holds so dear. Because of this, one is likely to find her as far away from it as possible, perchance working in the rainy mud of Qilla, where she feels most at home, or meditating quietly by the waterfall in Corrib Valley. When she does return home, she tends to prefer mundane tasks that allow the memory tower to guide her without overmuch harm to her progressive modes of thinking, such as gathering herbs and irrigating the rural farms of Filia on her Sundew Farm. She is a gentle soul and takes her duties of peace-keeping to also mean peace with animals and plants, even more so than aggressively minded Fomors or Imps. She is a vegetarian and rues killing any creature that intends her no harm.

Paxseko has been abandoned on multiple occasions by those she loves most, mostly due to misunderstanding regarding how she feels about romance. To Paxseko, romance is like gentle, soothing, soft-moving water that brings delicious life to those who imbibe in it, and sexuality is like a raging, consuming fire that destroys all who stand in its way. She took a vow of chastity after seeing how people-- yay, even her own best friend and mentor-- view each other as objects to be used for exploration, gratification, and then disposal.

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PostSubject: Re: Paxseko's Biography   Sun Apr 08, 2012 12:56 pm

I edited this today to be updated. :>
I also wanted to point out that this is my biography on Mabi, just made slightly more romantic. Each of the events you see here has happened to me-- if you were with me during that time, you shall recognize some of them.
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PostSubject: Hey Pax   Tue May 29, 2012 9:08 pm

Hey Pax. I couldn't reach mabinogi still, so I decided to search for you. You are my only connection to mabi you know? As in, my only friend in the game. If you read my unfinished biography you will see my explanation for that. The real reason for their "deaths" was that they stopped going online. In any event, I read your biography and I'm proud to say it was great work! :0) I hope to see you soon (in mabi of course) bye!
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PostSubject: Re: Paxseko's Biography   

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Paxseko's Biography
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